I visited Berlin (Germany) last weekend with two friends of mine; three great days packed with great memories. My only regrets? The fact that we spent most of our time visiting the touristic places of the city… So my biggest wish for now is to go back there to visit Berlin off the beaten path!

Le weekend dernier, je me suis rendue à Berlin accompagnée de deux de mes amies proches. J’ai passé un excellent weekend dans cette ville que j’ai adorée, mais je dois bien reconnaître que j’en garde malgré tout un léger arrière goût de regret… En effet, nous n’avons visité que les lieux les plus touristiques de la ville; mon plus grand souhait désormais est donc de retourner à Berlin afin de découvrir cette ville hors des sentiers battus!

Berlin is not the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited; the architecture oscillates between different styles from different eras – and sometimes the combination is beautiful, but most of the time it isn’t.

So what I really loved about Berlin is its atmosphere; the people there are kind and generous, and they don’t fear to show their own style because most Germans are really open-minded; plus, the streets all have something to tell you – as Berlin is a city that carries a huge history behind her.

Funny fact: the day we left Berlin was the day of the FIFA World Cup final – and, as you may know, Germany was taking part in this final. So even though I don’t particularly like football, it was very pleasant and amusing to see all those people looking forward to seeing the match; the streets were filled with black, red and yellow; the people were all dressed up and maked up in the same colors, and they were singing and smiling and laughing and already celebrating; a nice thing to see!





Things to see in Berlin:

  • Reichtag and Bundestag: two political buildings with a nice architecture – if you have time, do not hesitate to go inside them, you’ll learn a bunch of interesting historical facts, including some things about Hitler and the time when he was in charge of Germany.
  • Tiergarten: I’m not talking about the zoo here as I’m not really fond of zoos – but the zoo of Berlin is a nice zoo if you want to visit it; Tiergarten is an enormous park in the center of Berlin, so you can either picnic in it or rent a bike to discover it, or even use it for your morning jog or whatever!
  • East Side Gallery: it’s a section of the Berlin Wall that hasn’t been destroyed and it consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world – if you like street art or even art in general, it’s a real must see!!!
  • Botanischer Garten: Berlin’s botanic garden is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen – if you like plants, then go and see it; it’s quite far from the center of Berlin but it’s worth the travel.
  • Holocaust-Mahnmal: a memorial of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

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